October 2010

Bree the Calf

I had an exciting Saturday afternoon when one of the cows in the field at the back of our house gave birth to a gorgeous calf!

I arrived just after she had been born (thankfully I think, as she had to be pulled out hooves first by the farmer with a bizarre contraption!). Paul, the farmer told us that she would stand up after about 20 minutes but after 2 hours she was still lying on the ground with only one attempt to get up. Paul came back later and with much cajoling and force she stood up Bambi-esque and wobbling a lot.

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Measuring up email and social media

Over the last few years we’ve been using social media in conjunction with our newsletters to converse with our community, update you on the latest updates to the goings on here at Cloud 9 and have some fun. Despite email and social media being the two leading areas where businesses plan to increase their spend in 2010, and with 69% of businesses planning to integrate the two, there is very little information out there on how they measure up, let alone interact with one another.

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