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I had an exciting Saturday afternoon when one of the cows in the field at the back of our house gave birth to a gorgeous calf!

I arrived just after she had been born (thankfully I think, as she had to be pulled out hooves first by the farmer with a bizarre contraption!). Paul, the farmer told us that she would stand up after about 20 minutes but after 2 hours she was still lying on the ground with only one attempt to get up. Paul came back later and with much cajoling and force she stood up Bambi-esque and wobbling a lot.

I named her Daisy that night (very original and she isn’t even mine to name!), but after speaking to Paul’s wife the next day who informed me they already had a Daisy I renamed her Bree! There is a bit of logic to this! Her Mum is called Wisteria – Wisteria Lane – Desperate Housewifes – hence Bree! If there are any more girls then they shall also follow the ladies of Wisteria Lane accordingly!

Today she is gambolling around the field very cutely – I shall enjoy watching her progress.

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