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Sunny, retro, skate videos (with lens flare)

Penny Skateboards videos

Okay – The more you know us here at Cloud 9, the more you will know how much I (Mike) love all things surf & skate.

Penny Skateboards recently ran a neat contest for filmmakers to create a promo video for them.

Although I started writing this blog entry to highlight the growing trend towards shooting directly into sunlight – to get lovely summer lens flares, I then started to think more about how different niche brands (such as those in the surf/snow/skate industry), are using video as a way of virally attracting more followers.

Although it could sound like a cheap attempt to get a free video, they’re not selling flanges to petroleum companies, so their kind of product (skateboards = fun) means that there are loads of young filmakers out there that just waiting for a subject to create great movies. Best of all, it generates interest within their target market. The winning entry has, to date had over 50K views. Try getting that kind of reaction to a flange video!

If you need a flange video give us a call (as long as it’s a paid project – not a contest) :)


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