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Most e-commerce is RUBBISH!

Like us, you’ve probably been frustrated by all the complicated shopping carts that look like something out of 1997 built by a technical computer nerd.

We have been disappointed by all the dodgy designs and old technology. They just didn’t have that special online shop “feeling” or any of the web 2.0 features you would expect today.

It’s amazing to us that in an industry worth billions, so few are paying attention to design and innovation of the online shopping experience.

Take a look at modern manufacturing for example, investing huge amounts of time and money into making sure the packaging for a product is just right.


Because they know something we don’t — that getting the right feel of materials, the right colours and fonts, it all GRABS your attention on the store shelf.

It leaves you wanting to know more about what’s inside.

Your online shop is the same. Here at Cloud 9 know that page design has a direct impact on the number of sales.

But wait, who cares how the website looks! If the product is good it will sell itself right?

While that may be true for large established online stores, you need to make an extra effort when starting out to get your first few sales.

What we honestly found is, that you really have to show customers upfront that your products can offer them a lot of value. And the way you present your website says A LOT about how much you value your products.

So is it time for a re-think on your design??

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