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We’ll use any excuse at Cloud 9 to keep in touch with our clients and friends, so we thought we would use this opportunity to share a little Halloween spirit.

Why not take a look at the Pumpkin carvings that we’ve created to keep the Halloween Ghouls at bay.

Our Pumpkins

Our Pumpkins - Made by (left to right), John, Ash, Simon & Val

John's Pumpkin

Ash's Pumpkin

Simon's Pumpkin



Pumpkin patterns

If you need inspiration for your own Pumpkin carvings, then take a look at the patterns that we have here.

Pumpkin pattern 1

Print version

Pumpkin pattern 2

Print version

Pumpkin pattern 3

Print version

One for the advanced carver, it's Mike!

Print Version

Ghosts’n Goblins Game

Retro gaming time!

Controls Click on the game to select it then use…

Fire = Crtl Jump = Shift Move = Arrow Keys Start = Return / Enter

Find more games like this over at WordPress Arcade.

Halloween Wallpapers for your PC

View the Halloween wallpaper.

Download the Halloween wallpaper.

View the Halloween Hand wallpaper.

Download the Halloween Hand wallpaper.

View the Halloween USB wallpaper.

Download the Halloween USB wallpaper.

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