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Rap Battle, Geek Style.

So what do you get when you like rap and computers?

This. The folks at Search Engine Rap Battle released 3 rap battle clips on YouTube, Make sure you listen carefully to the lyrics, it’s really funny yet creative the way they’ve put up the rap fight and a great bit of Viral marketing.

1st Rap Battle = MSN vs Yahoo

2nd Rap Battle = MSN vs Google

3rd Rap Battle = Google vs Yahoo

If you like this rap battle, go on to Search Engine Rap Battle to participate in their voting, choose who you think is a better rapper.

Mac or PC Rap

Here’s another cool rap battle you should not miss. Inspired by “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” advertisement, these guys produced a 4 minutes long music video rap fight between Apple Mac and PC. Checkout the video below.

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