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Holy Foals! New Foals Album and Art Direction

This February sees the release of one of my favourite bands the ‘Foals’ new album. I have never been majorly into the band scene as I was and still am a follower of the electronic music scene but there’s something in the sound of the Foals which excites me.

The splashes of synths mixed with pounding melodies and powerful vocals from the band’s frontman Yannis Philippakis are perhaps the reason the band’s sound sits so well inside my head.

As well as listening to the fresh sounds that the Foals create I always look forward to seeing the creative work on the albums. The Foals album artwork for the previous album ‘Total life Forever was nominated in 2011 for best album artwork and the album itself was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize in July 2010. The single ‘Spanish Sahara’ won best track.

The album artwork for the upcoming album Holy fire was designed by Leif Podhajsky, and the original photo is by Thomas Nebbia. I’ve attached some pictures to this post of a selection of artwork produced for the Foals. Holy Fire is released in the on the 11th February.

there’s something in the sound of the Foals which excites me.

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