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The guys at Just Checking (one of our oldest clients) recently received a thank you letter from Keith, one of their customers. Keith’s father had been diagnosed with dementia, but was adamant that he wanted to continue living in the house he’d been in since the 1930s.

It was such a great letter they got in touch and asked if we could record his story. We wanted to make a short video about the effects of dementia and how the Just Checking system enabled Keith’s father to stay in his own home.

Dementia doesn’t always mean the end of independence. We wanted this video to show that you don’t always have to move out of the home you love. Just Checking’s technology can bring peace of mind to family and carers – we wanted to show the real-life benefits.

“Keith’s film was created to tie in strategically with a new ‘voices’ consumer launch campaign. The video is a true ‘from the heart’ testimonial of a real customer telling it the way he sees it,” says Mike. “It works because there’s no script, so it’s obvious that it’s genuine.”

Video is not the next big thing in web content; it’s happening right now and if you’re not doing it, your competitors probably are.

This short production was shot and edited in-house by Cloud 9. It’s a great example of how a simple story can really connect with an audience in a way that words and static images can’t.

If you have a story to tell about your business, let us help you give it real impact.

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