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The UK Sepsis Trust charity photoshoot – a behind the scenes video

When I heard about a photoshoot in aid of UK Sepsis Trust, I knew straightaway that we had to help. I also wanted to try out our new bit of kit – the MOVI, which would bring something special to the day. I know the photographer Paul, and got in touch, suggesting we could help with a ‘behind the scenes’ video of the photoshoot and the chance to create some video interviews that would really help get the message about Sepsis across.

On 8th April, just two days before the launch of the #kissgoodbyetosepsis campaign, I joined forces with Paul and 20 or so well-known supporters of the Trust from the world of TV, theatre and publishing at a studio in London. Getting the film turned around quickly was vital to the social media campaign – Filmed over 12 hours, I then returned to the studio to start editing to ensure that the client got everything it needed ready for the launch the day after.

“I was really proud to be able to contribute to this charity effort by donating my time, along with everyone else at this high profile event”

The campaign is in memory of Emma Straker, a 19 year old who went to bed with what she thought was a cold, and died in her sleep that night. Her story really touched me and I was privileged to be able to listen to and interview members of her family as well as some of the well-known supporters of the Trust . It was a typical ‘run and gun’ shoot but I needed to be discrete and merge into the background which some might say is not my usual style!


What is Sepsis?

Sepsis (blood poisoning) is potentially fatal and triggered by something as simple as a cut, insect bite or infection. There are over 100,000 cases recorded in the UK each year resulting in 37,000 deaths. It is the highest cause of death in pregnancy and yet remains virtually unknown.

UK Sepsis Trust was established in 2012 and is led by Dr Ron Daniels (@SepsisUK); it’s entirely self-funded and is in urgent need of support.

Find out more about UK Sepsis Trust here

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What is MōVI?

The MōVI is a lightweight camera stabilisation device that is revolutionising the video industry. At Cloud 9 we’re one of the first agencies with MōVI operators in Birmingham or the West Midlands. The MōVI allows us to create awesome camera moves that until now were only available in big budget, big crew productions.

Check out some of our recent video work here

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