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RSS in Plain English

I have (as always) been on the Internet looking for new things and I have come across some great videos, that I think explain what I do / use everyday in a very easy to understand way. So I thought I would post some of these video here on our site, so as to help anyone that wants to know more about some of those Internet buss words like “Blogs”, “RSS” and others, but are also scared of the thought of the more new stuff to learn about from Internet.

So the first in the series is the RSS feed. This tool is great. I use it everyday to keep up to date with my favorite sites. Now I know what you are thinking, “That’s because you’re a Geek.” This is true, however I know non geeks that also use it. I use it, so I can keep oppressed with the latest design news, web goings on etc, However others use it to see the latest news from the BBC, the what holidays are on offer and more “normal” uses. So before you dismiss RSS feeds as being geeky and point less, just take a couple of minutes and watch this video.

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