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New Website for UPS Systems plc

We’ve just launched a new series of websites for UPS Systems plc….





There are 4 individual websites, but each of these are managed from one content management sytem. This allow UPS Systems to easily add/edit and delete content from one place but also allow others to assess the CMS on a site by site basis (that’s quite slick don’t you know?!)

The websites have full Facebook and twitter integration and Google analytics

We’ll produce a more in-depth case study on this project in the new year but for now we’ll just let you take a look at the website…





Another happy customer…

Dear All,

Just a sincere thank you for all the work you have put into the new website. Not only does it look excellent but functionally it will now be a great platform for building and developing our online strategy from.

It’s been a surprisingly smooth and much easier experience than I expected not least due to the help and work you have put in.

It’s also been a good learning experience in managing all the different parts involved.

Thanks again – I owe you a drink!



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