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King of Morph’s (Quite possibly!)

Since Christmas, some of our clients have been creating their ‘Make your own Mike’ (based on Morph).

As everyone else at Cloud 9 seemed a little scared of the prospect of creating the Little Orange Man. I stepped in to show them how it should be done.

I kept away from the latter to create an original Morph. After watching the DVD and it all looking fairly easy to do I quickly found out that CLEARLY wasn’t the case and the person doing it must have done a fair few to get as good as that!

I went from making a Morph that looked like an orange starfish to another that looked like a deformed stress ball to finally getting it looking like a REAL Morph.

Below are a series of pictures of my ‘Making of Morph’

Ready to be Morphed!
A scary prospect
King of Morph's (Quite possibly!) 1
Ready to be Morphed!

First arm on!
First arm on!
King of Morph's (Quite possibly!) 2
Nose grown

King of Morph's (Quite possibly!) 3

King of Morph's (Quite possibly!) 4
Just ready for the mouth

Two hours later this was my creation, yes TWO HOURS.

King of Morph's (Quite possibly!) 5

King of Morph's (Quite possibly!) 6
Pretty much Morphed
Morph sitting on my desk
Morph sitting on my desk

He’s still sat proud in that very place although someone (I’m guessing Mike) has formed a wave with his arm!

Ash and John have yet to create a Morph so my Morph at the moment is King of Cloud 9 Morph’s!

We’re looking forward to seeing all Morph’s/Mike’s that have been created since the Christmas break.

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