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Bentley & Molly on holiday

You may, or may not know I come from Devon (or “The Von” as we call it here). I miss it quite a lot, but needs must and living in the midlands is great too and it does mean that my girlfriend and I, get to have quite alot of trips to The Von to see my fokes and the girlfriends Mum too.

So this new year we went to The Von and took Bentley along with us. He has been once before but just for a weekend and we didn’t get time to go to the most important thing back home (bar the parents, if you are reading this!) Yep the beach. So this time we made sure we went and took Bentley there for his first time.

Needless to say he loved it! He was not too sure at first about the feeling of the sand beneath his paws, but he seemed to get over that quite quickly and before long was running around (like he always does) like a mad thing.

A couple of days later we took him again (before the long trip back) and we met up with Mike, Clare and Molly, who also went down over new year to the same area (no we don’t all live together!).

Molly & Bentley put on a show of barking and running around with each other, but I think they secretly liked each other. Bentley definitely liked it.

Here are some picks of them running around & playing.

The meeting
The meeting
Molly teaching Bentley how to swim
Molly teaching Bentley how to swim
Play Time
Play Time
Bentley still wants to play, Molly doesn't.
Bentley still wants to play, Molly doesn't

5 seconds after getting Bentley back in to the car he was fast a sleep and slept for the rest of the day, Nice one Molly!

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