Facebook Facts your brand cannot ignore

Facebook launched in 2004 and was originally restricted to Harvard College attendees only. Since then it has rapidly grown into a way of life for people. It now has more than 750 million active users, there are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events etc) and people spend over spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

If you are not yet convinced of why your brand should be on Facebook, check out these stats from Experian Hitwise.

  1. Facebook is the second most visited website in the UK after Google, accounting for 6.89% of all visits from UK Internet users in September.
  2. Facebook is by far the biggest website in the UK for page views. In total, 16.40% of all page views during September went to a Facebook page.
  3. Facebook now accounts for 1 in 6 page views in the UK, that’s twice the number of page views received by Google.
  4. Facebook is the most popular social network in the UK, accounting for 55% of all visits to social networks.
  5. Facebook is the number one search term in the UK. 3.69% of all searches typed into Google, Yahoo! and Bing are for ‘facebook’.
  6. Taking into account variations of Facebook with misspellings and abbreviations such as ‘facbook’, ‘fb’ or ‘facebok’ – Facebook accounts for approximately 6% of all searches in search engines.
  7. Facebook accounts for 9.58% of all upstream traffic to other websites in the UK.
  8. Nearly 10% of Internet visits come immediately after a visit to Facebook, second only to Google in traffic generation.
  9. Visits to Facebook have quadrupled in the last three years. In the last year Facebook has grown by 17% in terms of UK Internet visits.
  10. In the last year, Facebook has increased its downstream traffic to online retail sites by 12%.

We love Social Media at Cloud 9 and see the huge potential for any Brand to be part of this ever growing social religion. Why not give us a call to see how we can help you grow and give you the opportunity to open new doors.

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