Our challenge

Stephen Sanderson Transport is a large family-owned transport and logistics business. Their sector is extremely competitive and success is built by delivering a high quality service and standing by your promises even when things get tough. Sanderson had a reputation for doing exactly that. Trust and reliability are the standards the company lives by.

Our work included

Our Solution

Their dated marketing materials, however, just weren’t reflecting it. The management team recognised that to support growth into new markets an overhaul was required. They trusted us to deliver it.

We quickly agreed that the Sanderson brand should be about keeping promises. And to ensure that that message was being portrayed successfully across every customer touchpoint, we decide to tackle their whole suite of marketing materials at once.

We updated, redesigned and optimised their site to improve SEO and more clearly explain the scope of what the company could offer. We also updated their business practices by bringing offline resources (job application forms, credit application forms, claims forms) online, creating a central hub.

In a world were promises are important, physical, printed materials go a long way. We designed and produced a whole range of literature, from stationery to brochures, that set Sanderson apart and delivered their promises at every level.

To make sure customers knew exactly what Sanderson stood for we developed a straight-talking and trustworthy tone of voice that reflected the brand’s ‘get it done’ personality.

As well as shooting all of the imagery for the brand refresh, we also began building a wider library of photography – arranging a one-day location shoot every few months to ensure website images and printed materials are always up to date.

Along with conducting interviews with the company’s three directors, we used the latest HD video equipment and handheld image stabilisers, and hung out of the back of a truck, to produce a brand film that showed just what Sanderson is about.

Social Media

We helped bring Sanderson to life on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo – increasing online exposure and SEO, and helping them to engage with existing and potential customers.

Since our work went live we’re delighted to announce that Sanderson Transport has won the prestigious ‘Palletline member of the year’ award.

This is what Ed Sanderson has to say about working with us.