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Wow – my first Blog entry!

What an exciting day – our Cloud 9 Digital Design website is finally launched.

We may do loads of websites for others but as Ash will testify; it didn’t stop me being the client from hell!

Silent Disco

I’ll be posting all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff up here – starting with a plug for what had to be one of the best gigs i’ve ever been to; Silent Disco night at the Derngate Theatre in Northampton this weekend.

Silent Disco has to be one of the wierdest nights out. There are two DJs on stage and as you enter the venue, you’re handed a pair of headphones. There is no music played through speakers as in a conventional Disco but you can switch between the two DJs (in this case both from Amsterdam), and pick which music you listen to through your headphones. Absolute madness ensues as the people around you are all dancing to different beats and tunes! It’s even more bizarre when you take a seat at the edge of the dance floor and take your headphones off – all you hear are a load of people stomping and singing along to their favourite songs. A great night out! Find out more about Silent Disco here.

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