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Why a better built website actually saves you money in Adwords

So, you’ve got pots of money and a hot new product or service? Surely the more you spend on Google Adwords, the higher your ranking right?


Google is now combining the maximum price you’re prepared to pay per click with the quality of your website in order to determine how high up the sponsored links you appear – so if you’re prepared to pay £2 per click and your competitor is prepared to pay £1 per click but has a better website – they could appear above you in Google sponsored links.

Want to know more? – check out this nice, nerdy old dude from Google who explains it better.

It seems the more you invest in your website, the less you pay in Adwords (and of course the better it performs in regular search engine optimisation too)!
Isn’t it about time you gave us a buzz and got your site performing better for you?

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