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One man and his dog (oh & Lyns too)

I haven’t got much planned for this weekend, we had thought about going back to the mother land of Devon, but that would have meant madness on the M5. So we have opted to stay at home in Leamington Spa.

I expect that there will be some wedding planning going on and some gardening (starting to grow some of our own veg!), but Lyns (my fiancée) & I will find a point where we can get out and take Bentley for a good run.

 Lately I have got Bentley to run along with me on my bike, which is great for him as he loves to run fast, and seeing as he is 6st of muscle, it’s great for me as I don’t have to pedal :)

I might also get out with my camera, and take some photos of the sunny weekend (I hope!).



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