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It was only 10:30 am and I already had chocolate flavoured cheese smeared in pear chutney, Barbados cane sugar covered strawberries washed down with a ginseng energy drink and rounded off with a tot (or four) of toffee vodka! I was indeed at the Good Food Show at The NEC Birmingham.

This gastro labyrinth, with the odd celebrity chef thrown in, attracts thousands of visitors every year who (like me) lap up every free sample going and get seduced into buying things that you fear you may never see in the shops.

However, I was pleased to see my favourite vodka brand exhibiting there, Żubrówka. Distilled in Białystok in Poland, it’s a brand and a town that’s close to my heart as its where my mother and her family are from, so when I go to Białystok the brand is promoted nearly everywhere you go and there’s always a bottle in my auntie’s cupboard. Żubrówka in association with Appletiser, have created a wonderfully refreshing long drink which was being trialled at the Show and I have to say, a few bottles of this new combo came back home with me!

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