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Cloud 9 help local business increase sales by over 1,000%!!

There are over 3 million business pages on Facebook and over 80% have less than 100 ‘likes’ (or fans as they were known as until very recently).

The fact is that everyone knows how to create a page, but making it really WORK for your business as part of your marketing strategy is whole different matter.

In just 5 months we’ve created a business page for local gastro-pub ‘The Punchbowl’ in Lapworth, Warwickshire, that now has over 1,000 likes. and is more importantly opening a new channel to their customers.

Integrating events and special offers into the Punchbowl’s Facebook feed is a great way of constantly giving a gentle reminder of what’s on, and has increased their mid-week business by over 1,000%!!

Sounds great but it has to be done correctly, and regularly, to have any positive impact on your business. Like any marketing activity it should have a well thought out strategy behind it – forget the ‘half a dozen product shots and pray for an audience’ technique. We use social media lists, email marketing, viral, and good old proven ‘in-store’ tactics to really rack up an online audience that is in-turn driving business.

Fancy a bite of the action? Why not give us a call and ask us how we can maximise your business exposure on Facebook?

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