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OK, so you have some “techie” telling you that the reason you’re not seeing any changes to your web pages is because of a thing called “Cache”. You then think to yourself “What the hell is that?”. Well not to worry it’s quite simple to understandand fix.

Your “web browser” tries to speed things up when you look at pages on the net. It does this by saving a copy of the pages you look at to your PC, so when you come back it will load that saved version, so it looks like things are loading super fast. This is great when things haven’t changed in a while anyway, but when you’re looking for a new image to appear or the colour of some text that you asked your web designer to change for you, and it hasn’t changed on your screen, and they are telling you it has on theirs, it can lead to frustration to you both.

So here’s a YouTube video that shows how to clear the “Cache” on your browser (see the second video if you are using Internet Explorer 6 – Please upgrade if you are, see this for reasons why you should upgrade).

YouTube – clear cache – All Modern browsers and Operating Systems are shown Clearing the cache in IE6

Clearing cache in IE6

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