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50 of the best redesigns

A redesign can be worth its weight in gold if you get it right. There is a thin line between freshening up your design, and taking a step backwards with a redesign. Sometimes a redesign can be subtle and simple, and other times it can be a huge re-vamp of a company and it’s goals. Here’s a look at some re-designs in no particular order.

01. AT&T

01- AT&T

This is an ideal example of how a subtle upgrade can make a huge difference.

02. BP Garage

02 - BP Garage

A completely different direction and modern feel. A huge improvement!

03. Sprint

03 - Sprint

Looking at the old sprint logo it’s obvious a re-design was needed.

04. Mindshare

04 - Mindshare

A great find via Brand New. Great use of colours & typography.

05. Mustang 2010

05 - Mustang 2010

The current 2008 Logo, compared to 2010. Subtle improvements, but it gives it so much more aggression

06. Adobe CS4

06 - Adobe CS4

Adobe has come a long way in a short time, I like the way things are going.

07. Discovery Channel

07 - Discovery Channel

A great update. Less is more.

08. Fanta

08 - Fanta

The old can really does look dated compared to the new look.

09. Johnsons Baby

09 - Johnsons Baby shampoo

Not one of the obvious choices, but I like the softer approach.

10. Fiat Bravo

10 - Fiat Bravo

Yeah that’s right, a car made it into the list. A great example of a successful redesign. It’s not the last car in the list either.

11. Steinlager

11 - Steinlager

Coming from Devon I’m more of a cider drinker, but I like the redesign done here.

12. Applebee’s


Never been to one, but a great example of a redesign where the concept stays similar but the execution is on a completely different level.

13. Firefox / Firebird

13 - Thunderbird / Firefox

I love Firefox (reasons for you to do the same here), I also love the logo.

14. QVC

14 - QVC

A huge Brand, and a major revamp. And a much needed one.

15. Vauxhall

15 - Vauxhall

A UK car maker with a new, more prominent identity. I like the old one, its clean and not much is wrong with it. But the new logo reflects more on a new company direction and style of their cars.


16 - MSNBC

A fresher look, more open and less in your face.

17. Ford

17 - Ford

This is one I use a lot when speaking to clients about a logo redesign, as it’s a great update. Goes to show you don’t have to change much, to come a long way.

18. Ford Fiesta

18 - Ford Fiesta
18 - Ford Fiesta

I’ve never been much of a fan of the Fiesta (I have a Focus), but this on looks great.

19. The BBC

19 - BBC

One of the most recognizable UK brands, good job it looks great then.

20. Direct TV

20 - Direct TV

The same concept, shape and fonts. Just better.

21. Barack Obama


Topical I know, but what a difference a year makes. The 2007 site compared to the ‘08. Probably one of the best website re-designs around right now.

22. Grooveshark

22 - Grooveshark

The old one is great, the new one is better.

23. BusinessWeek

23 - Business Week

Simpler, Bolder, Cleaner. A successful redesign in my book.

24. Cloud 9

24 - Cloud 9 Website

We have come along way in 8 years. And so has web design as a whole.

25. Toys”R”Us

25 - Toys R Us

A much more playful typeface and colour scheme.

26. Seat Leon

26 - Seat Leon

The old model wasn’t hideous, well maybe, but it’s only after you see the new model you start to believe it is.

27. N Design Studio

27 - N Design Studio

How to flip your website into an iconic design, courtesy of Nick La.

28. The BBC website

28 - BBC (website)

I use this site everyday, in one way or another. Words cannot describe how much I hated the old design. The new site really is something for the BBC to be proud of.

29. WordPress.org

29 - WordPress (Website)

I use WordPress a lot. A much more engaging and approachable design from WordPress.

30. Microsoft

30 - Microsoft

Making something out of nothing, and doing it well. Microsoft.

31. MailChimp

31 - Mail Chimp

I dare you to find a better looking mascot. A huge improvement, but a much needed one I must say, the new chimp really does have that “cute-factor”.

32. CNET

32 - CNet

A subtle update, and you know I love subtle. Beautiful end result.

33. Wembley Stadium

33 - Wembley

When updating something so Iconic, you need to make something just as iconic. I’d say a job well done on this one.

34. Apple iPod

34 - iPod

Hats off to Apple, they do make a good looking product. Even if it is over priced.

35. The Simpsons

35 - The Simpsons

Right? Now you’re including cartoons! I’m a massive fan of The Simpsons, so Yes I am. This has to go down as the redesign I’m most glad of.

36. XBOX

36 - XBox

A new direction with the XBOX design, colours shapes etc are a huge leap in the right direction.

37. Design Shard

37 - Design Shard

With a growing blog it’s important to design for the needs of your visitors

38. KFC

38 - KFC

Colonel Sanders is looking better in his old age. A cleaner look. And he looks like he is working out the back!

39. Walmart

39 - Walmart

AKA ASDA to you and me here in the UK. A more modern feel to a logo which was showing its age.

40. Envato

40 - Envato

A sleeker looking logo really can help kick off your re-branding.

41. Best Buy

41 - Best Buy

A logo which is more fitting to the company & its products.

42. Macmillan

42 - Macmillan

A great bold move by MacMillan Cancer care charity, but one that works really well and a very recognizable brand now.

43. Holiday Inn

43 - Holiday Inn

Something about this is just so welcoming. Which is good for a Hotel company right!

44. British Telecom

44 - BT

I have no idea what that guy is blowing into, and I don’t want to know. Needless to say the new logo represents a more dynamic company, with more to offer than just horn blowing.

45. Vicks

45 - Vicks

The old logo very possibly was made in MS Word. You’d struggle to make the new one in Word, so I like it!

46. Fuel Your Creativity

46 - Fuel

They have really put a lot of thought into their new logo, and it really has paid off. The new logo has a much more lasting impact.

47. Amazon

47 - Amazon

For an online store like Amazon the old logo didn’t really fit. The updated version looks better in both web and print.

48. NTL: / Virgin Media

48 - NTL / Virgin Media

OK not really a redesign, more of a buy-out and brand build. Never-the less it was a refreshing moment.

49. Macbook Pro

49 - Mac Book / Mac Book Pro

Top to bottom glass front, one solid aluminium base and you’ve got yourself a pretty Macbook Pro. Well if they came down price I would :(

50. HP

50 - HP

I’ve not actually seen this used anywhere but adverts. But I really like it!

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