Email Marketing

Create And Send Completely Customised Email Campaigns In Minutes

Our email marketing campaigns allow you to send targeted emails quickly and easily. Create beautiful emails using our online tools and easy-to-use templates, or let us create a bespoke template that fits your brand perfectly.

The online platform gives you total control over sending, reporting and delivery, while in the background it handles sign-ups, unsubscribes and bounces automatically.

Our powerful analytics go beyond opens and clicks. They look at who opened, clicked on or forwarded your email, tracking conversions and sales through your sales pipeline. They enable you to implement a programme of constant monitoring and improvement, so you can make sure that your emails reach their targets – and are read – every time.

And as for price: we don’t charge sign-up or monthly fees. You only pay when you send to more than five people. Big senders can buy in bulk and save up to 50% off our normal prices.

Email is one of the most versatile, accessible and creative ways of communicating online.

Plus, it’s extremely cost-effective and it’s measurable, so you can make your marketing budget go further.