Meet Vicky 2

Meet Vicky

Meet Vicky. She’s our new copywriter and getting VERY excited about tea and helping our clients explain themselves a little better....

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Zoo Animal Portraits by Yago Partal 4

Zoo Animal Portraits by Yago Partal

Zoo Portraits is a project by spanish photographer Yago Partal who was inspired when creating an image campaign. He was interested in "humanising animals" and decided to create portraits by mixing the animal world and fashion....

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Segway! 7


I recently took a weekend trip to Madrid. Whilst there I took a 3 hour segway city tour which was just an amazing way to see a city. A highlight of the weekend break: walking will never be the same!...

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Where am I now? 8

Where am I now?

As my blog readers will know I DO like going on holiday, so here is another poser from my travels – this weird landscape is on an island in the Adriatic – those walls were built by the ancient Greeks over 2000 years ago to...

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