Mike Sperrey

The Boss

As a kid, I loved art & design. I loved the idea of communicating what I was thinking with others, who didn’t have my imagination.

Getting involved with graphic design, photography, video and marketing didn’t seem like a ‘job’ choice. In fact, it seemed like everyone else had overlooked the best job in the world.

I knew it was what I wanted to do as a career.

I founded Cloud 9 back in 1994.

I’m a graphic designer, marketeer and general daredevil with a background in action sports and magazine publishing.

For me, it’s all about absolute attention to detail and the ability to create ideas from even the least promising of briefs.

If you’re looking for someone with creativity, flexibility, and a genuine desire to help your business grow; someone with a somewhat unorthodox approach to life, – I’m your guy!

(If you’re looking for a fella in a suit and tie, you may be disappointed).

Some of my strengths include


Video Editing


Facial Hair